VR & AR Developers Recruitment

We are looking for resources to join our team and work on our virtual reality projects.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of object-oriented programming languages (C++, C#, Java, etc.)
  • Strong interest in computer graphics and simulation


  • Master’s Degree in Information Technology or equivalent
  • Knowledge of elements of analytic geometry (vector spaces, matrices, etc.).
  • Previous experience or knowledge or interest in:
    • game design and programming;
    • development environments Visual Studio and Eclipse;
    • real-time 3D graphics;
    • Scene Graphs such as Open Scene Graph, OGRE 3D, etc.
    • OpenGL
    • Unity or Unreal
  • Interest / Knowledge in one of the following points: GUI development (QT, wxWidgets, …) or Physics Engine (nVidia PhysX, bullet, etc.) or Scripting Language (Python, Lua, etc.).
  • Written English knowledge
  • Problem solving and self-training attitude.


  • Torino


Interested candidates (both gender according to the Law 903/77) can send their CV with authorization for D.lgs 196/2003) to recruiting@a-e-g.it with reference “Ill_Dev_102016.”



In Illogic our designers, engineers, artists and programmers work together – atelier-style  – pursuing a culture of learning to imagine, through non-traditional approaches, the impact of emerging technologies on the business.

Day by day different experiences are fused to set off new creative energies, recombining what already exists or creating new functions and new values. In one word, we could say: creating innovation – of product, of process, of business – by taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by the digital technologies.

Illogic operates and develops projects in the following application domains:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • CGI Graphic Interfaces

We follow the entire lifecycle of the project: from design, to software development, to content creation.

We create tools and applications with high levels of quality, with the aim of creating multimedia solutions, 3D interactive settings and innovative projects with a high technological and creative impact.


For more information visit: www.illogic.us