The new frontier in industry training, is in virtual reality…

Most of the time, borders and frontiers are just virtual delimitation of physical or mental space and, consequentially, of freedom. In this title, we mean the word “frontier” in the sense of gaining and overtaking goals, as to improve our freedom and our daily reality… And this time, is thanks to virtual reality that some frontier is going to be overtaken.

VR-Star is among those projects which are commonly definite “serious game”; it is in fact built with the same principles of a Virtual Reality game but its application is in the process industry. Actually, VR-Star is the most effective VR software available for training and maintenance in Process Industry. Of course, one of the prominent aspect of this technology is the degree of involvement reached by the users, cause of the high quality of realistic and immersive 3D scenarios; however, technically speaking, it boasts a wide range of functions and options, able to facilitate both updating professionals or training new resources, than improve operational processes. Benefits coming from the implementation of this technology based on previsualization, in industry business, are multiple and act on many aspects of management, not least, providing a huge money saving.

A primary aspect to be consider in the relation between process optimization and money saving, is safety improvement, which brings direct consequences on performances and a strict reduction of risks and accidents. In the Energy Industry, such as Oil & Gas, needs are even greater, given the serious impact that accidents can have on operators, plants and environment.

After all, the first source of incidents in plant operations in the Process industry are human errors. This is another aspect which deeply influence the management costs, because the operational error is amongst the most expensive types of error in production facilities.

This high-performing software has been conceived by Illogic crew, a task group of engineers, designers, and programmers working every day to blend different experiences and combining competences together to unleash new creative energies, as to innovate functions and values, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

New technologies for the next-level solution

VR-STAR® has already gained a considerable application in the Oil&Gas Industry and is the most complete Virtual Reality software platform available today for HSE and MRO. Its software technology allows to re-create existing environments such as industrial plants and infrastructures (in general, any complex environment) in an immersive, photo-realistic 3D scenario.

Leveraging the latest virtual reality technologies (next-gen head mounted displays and performance trackers) VR-STAR® provides the most immersive training experience you can ask for today.

What about the user experience?

Thanks to our application, users can perform all the actions they can do in the real plant and see the results in real-time.

Our solution provides risk-free environments to practice, test and develop competences by simulating situations that cannot always be reproduced in reality (dangerous situations, accidents, emergency shutdowns, etc). Operators can practice on procedures, improve skills in safety-critical tasks rarely performed in reality and finally learn how to react effectively in high-stress situations.

Our Virtual Reality simulation enables higher understanding of processes and procedures, higher knowledge transfer from the training environment to the real world activities and higher knowledge retention over time. Through constant monitoring and testing, your employees will sharpen the right skills to handle all eventualities.

Training operative staffs in an effective way has never been easier!

VR-STAR® is an excellent example of a successfully functional integration of Virtual Reality with real situations; we believe in this synergic model as a way to improve our life.