Dubai DAC: VR-STAR® among the best cutting-edge VR Technologies in the world, according to Accenture

Illogic‘s technology VR-STAR®, a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform dedicated to training in industrial plants, has been selected by Accenture as one of the best-world solutions to be presented in the new Digital Acceleration Center (DAC) of Dubai. VR-STAR® performances have been illustrated in occasion of the opening ceremony, at the presence of institutions and press, in May 18, 2016; the DAC is part of the wider project “Dubai Internet City” (DIC) and aims to become a baseline in the United Arabian Emirates, putting strategic, digital tools at disposal of enterprises and organization which are going to convert their obsolete business model through high-techs and digitalization.

The advantage of a smart Center as DAC, is going to foster the Middle East impulse toward international scenarios and will surely determine a strong pace increasing in the process where UAE yearn to become a “smart, connected nation”.

An article talking about DAC from UAE news 24: https://uaenews247.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/accenture-opens-digital-acceleration-center-in-uae-to-fuel-innovation-and-advance-the-digital-transformation-of-organizations/

A video explaining the project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk54igYEKhY